Package unitee.common

Interface Summary
ObjectRepository Holds references to the objects resides on the server.
Streamable A Streamable is a remote object or a "data" object whose whole variables (or just its identifier) can be serialized into streams.
Test An internal abstraction of test.
TestCaseHolder A wrapper over TestCase.
TestFactory A factory interface for creating Test objects.
TestManager A manager interface for unitee framework.
TestReport An internal interface that serves as a logger for test operation.
TestSuite TestSuite is a compound test entity.
TestTreeBuilder Defines the interface in which test trees are built.

Class Summary
HTMLTreePrinter Dumps HTML output of the test tree into the PrintStream.
LengthBasedOutputStream Forwards data received through OutputStream's or PrintStream's interfaces to the underlaying socket output stream.
Password A tag class for the password parameter type.
TreePrinter This implementation of TestTreeBuilder echo building tree notifications to a print stream.
UniteeProtocol Defines the protocol constants used to interact with a UniteeServer , mostly to invoke remote methods.

Exception Summary